Our Company Mission

The Core Mission of ValuTeachers is to help educators and school employees retire with financial dignity! ValuTeachers supports and values educators and, as Retirement Specialists, believes that working, teaching and inspiring builds tomorrow’s leaders. Consequently, after completing a difficult and dedicated career, a sound retirement should be a reward. ValuTeachers helps thousands of clients yearly and not one has ever lost a penny. Our Company protects our clients’ money and puts safety first every time.

Our Company Philosophy

ValuTeachers is an educational team of Teacher Retirement Specialists founded on one principle: “Education is not preparation for life: Education is life itself” (John Dewey). Our Retirement Specialists service school systems with 403(b)/IRA/457 plans Nationally. Paula Smith, former educator and founder of ValuTeachers, is building a different kind of Retirement Company. ValuTeachers has built a team of Retired Teachers and Professionals who have had previous connections to the educational system to provide Retirement Education. These professionals are trained Teacher Retirement Specialists and offer Retirement Education and quality supplementary savings plans to their former colleagues and all school employees. The ValuTeachers System is a proven success story for Making a Difference in the school market. Therefore, the company now attracts and trains top professionals from a wide range of industries, including experienced financial service representatives, for a leadership career and advancement opportunities. As specialists in Teacher Retirement Systems, the Retirement Specialists in ValuTeachers understand that product is not the key issue for teachers when planning their retirement income and building a nest egg through a qualified plan, such as a 403(b)/IRA/457 account. Knowledge is Power both in educating students for life and when saving money for retirement . . . thus Retirement Education is the CORE Value of ValuTeachers. The education provided to school employees is the most important benefit in retirement planning.

First and foremost, the retirement foundation for educators is their State Teacher Retirement System. However, research indicates that a majority
of employees in school systems today do not understand the specific benefits, formulas and options of their Teacher Retirement System. Second, the 403(b) retirement supplement opportunity approved by Congress in 1958 to provide an additional retirement benefit is only  used by 25% of the eligible employees in America’s school systems. In the Southeast and rural areas the percentage reduces below 15%. What have financial services companies and their representatives been doing for over 51 years in our school systems? The answer is likely: selling life insurance and other products, which make the industry huge profits and pay agents large commissions. In fact, the sale of these products has sabotaged teachers’ and
employees’ retirement savings, such as a 403(b) plan and others with tax benefits. This deficit, of course, compounds the ethical issues that insurance
companies and school systems in America need to address.